A lot of people are wondering how exactly to become a Pru Life UK financial advisor. 

Its either they’re just interested or that they are eyeing to become one. 

Since you are reading this post, I assume that you are curious at the very least, and at the most, you are planning to be the next Pru Life UK financial advisor or financial consultant.

Well, I’ve got good news for you! 

In this post, I am going to tell you the secret on how to become a financial advisor in Pru Life UK. 

So stick with me and let’s get started.

First, you have to remember that everything follows a process. But the good thing about Pru Life UK’s recruitment is that it’s pretty simple. 

You just need to follow these four (4) steps!

Step 1. Attend Pru Life UK’s “Build Your Business (BYB)” seminar.

Step 2. Complete the Training (both online and classroom training).

Step 3. Pass the Insurance Commission exam.

Step 4. Submit all documentary requirements and sign the contract.

Step 5. Well, I told you that there are only 4 steps, but I just want to add this one. Step 5 is to start selling and receive commission WEEKLY for a job well done!

I will not leave you here without giving you some details about these steps. So to dig deeper into that, let me briefly explain everything, one by one.

Step 1: Attend Pru Life UK’s “Build Your Business (BYB)” seminar.

Everything always starts with an idea. 

So if you are planning to be a Pru Life UK financial advisor, you need to do some research. Of course, you’re doing your part that is why you’re here reading my post! 

But to tell you honestly, none of us here in the blogging arena can give you all the answers. 

I can give you a few, but not all. 

So the best thing to do to deeply understand Pru Life UK’s business is to hear it directly from Pru Life UK itself!

Let me give you an idea of what you will discover by attending Pru Life UK’s “BYB”. 

From the name of the seminar itself, “Build Your Business”, basically you will know how the business works and how you can start your own business out of it for yourself! 

You will also know almost all matters relating to Pru Life UK, from its humble beginning in the year 1848 in the United Kingdom to how you can earn a big bunch of money doing the business. 

Name it, you'll have it.

Most people ask if there is a registration fee for the seminar. 

Hidden charge? 

Well, the answer is NONE, not a single centavo. 

In fact, Pru Life UK is that generous to give you fine dining in the hotels like Dusit Thani and Shangri-La, just for you to feel very welcomed. ALL FOR FREE. 

Another thing concerning people is that does attending the seminar means signing in automatically? 

Absolutely NO! 

None of Pru Life UK people will tell you something like “hey since you’re here then you’re in” or “you are now going to attend the training whether you like it or not”. 

That’s nonsense. 

This is just a seminar, a proposal for you, THIS IS NOT A TRAP. You can always say no if you want to after hearing it all. Besides, why would a financial giant (belong to Top 100 Public Companies Worldwide by Forbes) do such an unethical process of recruitment?

Send me an email at chrisbermido@gmail.com if you’re interested to attend the BYB.

Step 2: Complete the Training: both Online and Classroom

I can’t think of a profession or a job that does not need some training. 

So this step must be included in the process automatically. 

Before you can continue your journey of becoming the next top Pru Life UK financial advisor, you need to complete the two sets of training first: online and classroom training.

Online training can be done at home. 

Yes, you read it right; you can accomplish the first part of your training while you’re eating some fries at your bed. 

You just need some instructions from your recruiter on how to sign up for the online training. 

Nope, I will not give you the instructions yet, not until you completed Step 1 above.

Classroom training is being held at the training rooms of Pru Life UK’s headquarters. 

So this time your presence is a must. 

Schedules vary from weekdays to Saturdays, from 3-day training to 1-day full training.

The bottom line is that there are wide options of the training schedule for you depending on your preference. 

And yes, this training can be accomplished in just one day!

Step 3: Pass the Insurance Commission exam.

If you think you’ll get over of exams when you graduated in college, then no. 

Every insurance company (I mean, every legitimate insurance company) in the Philippines is being regulated and under the jurisprudence of the Insurance Commission. 

So yes, to become a financial advisor for a certain insurance entity, he/she must be accredited with the Insurance Commission of the Philippines under the Department of Finance. 

It may sound technical but it’s easier to do than to say. 

You just simply need to take the exam being facilitated by the Insurance Commission. 

The exam has two parts or topics, traditional life insurance, and variable life insurance.

But don’t worry yet if for now you have no idea or you’re not familiar with these topics.

Good for you because all of these topics are exactly the things you are going to learn in the training (Step 2)!

The question now is where you are going to take the exam. 

Pru Life UK is hosting an Insurance Commission exam regularly in its headquarters. 

There will be a proctor coming from the Insurance Commission to facilitate the test. You just need to register, pay for the exam fee (around two thousand pesos), and take the exam as scheduled. 

You can also opt to take the exam in the Insurance Commission itself located at UN Avenue in Manila. That is if you don’t trust Pru Life UK regarding your exam fee. I’m just kidding.

Step 4: Submit all documentary requirements and sign contracts.

I don’t have much to say about this last step. But yeah, if you passed the Insurance Commission exam and of course you will, then you just need to do some paperwork. 

You don’t need to worry about the documentary requirements because it’s just a few! It’s not like applying for a corporate job I tell you. 

You will not have a hard time doing this last step because the headquarters of Pru Life UK has appointed secretaries to assist you on everything. 

After submitting all the requirements and signing a contract, you will just wait to be given a code and financial advisor license. 

And hoola! You are now a Pru Life UK Financial Advisor!

Step 5: Start selling and receive a WEEKLY commission for a job well done.

Don’t be too excited now buddy. I will talk about it in some other post. But if you already attended the “Build Your Business (BYB)” seminar I mentioned above in Step 1, then you already know what I mean.

So that’s it! That’s exactly how to be a financial advisor in Pru Life UK!
Send me an email NOW at chrisbermido@gmail.com if you want to be a Financial Advisor in Pru Life UK!

Just to add some note. The basic qualification is that you should be a college graduate of any business related course. Second is that you must be at the age of majority. All other factors are just bonuses. If you are looking for a part time job then this one is perfect for you!

You are welcome to join our Pru Life UK family!