We, financial advisors, form Pru Life UK generate VUL sample proposals for clients based on the following assessment:
  • Clients' Needs
  • Clients' Budget
  • and Clients' Investment Risk Profile
These three are the core ones among many other factors to consider in making a VUL proposal. That is why it is a must for us, financial advisors, to conduct a thorough fact-finding or interview with the client first before crafting the quote.

Meaning, not all VUL proposals are created equal. It will always depend on each and every client's needs.

Now, is it possible to come up with generic VUL sample proposals that are applicable to anyone? At least for a specific age and budget?

Well, yes.

In crafting the sample proposals below, I needed first to set a "standard assessment" of my client who is generally anyone within a certain age (24 years old) and has that range of budget. This "standard assessment" I used is simply setting the factors to consider at the average or at the middle (i.e. setting the Investment Risk Profile to Moderate only).

So what I got down here is a "balanced" or "neutral" Pru Life UK VUL sample proposals/quotes based from the age and budget of the client.

Pru Life UK Sample Proposal

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