Today I want to share a piece of literature about saving money.

This one tackles about people's excuses for not saving money through out every stages of life. All of us are guilty of these excuses.

It may be disturbing but this is an eye opener.

Let us save money while we can. While we have the capacity, and as early as NOW.

I Can't Save Now - A Scary Literature About Saving Money

I Can't Save Now 

by an unknown author


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I'm too young to think about it. Just starting out life and I don't have anything to save anyway. I'm too busy having fun. Someday I'll save.


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I'm still young and in school. I can't save while I'm just getting by. Besides, I've got better things to do with my money. When I'm out of school and starts rolling in, then I'll save.


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I'm just getting established. I've got credit cards due to pay and there's the loan for the car, too. I'm not ready to make commitments yet and I want to have fun while I can. There will be time to think about saving later on, then I'll save.


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I've got family and responsibilities. It costs a lot to raise a family and there's the mortgage on the house, too. It takes all I have to make ends meet. When I'm making more and the kids are older, then I'll save.


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I've got kids in collage and costs are out of sight. Then, there are weddings. I want to help the kids get started. Expenses are at their highest and its the hardest time to save, but things will ease off soon. Then I'll save. 


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. Things haven't worked out like I though they would. It's not easy when you are locked in and there's an opportunity to move up the ladder. I can't just make a break and start a new career. I'm helping the folks, too, now that they need assistance. I'm just barely making ends meet. Something will open up, then I'll save.


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I thought things would be better. I wanted to retire earlier but I just can't do it. I'm trying to pay off the last of the mortgage and get other bills taking care of, but things mount up. Remembering the grandchildren and other things takes all I have. I guess that's the way it is. I wish I could save.


I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I'm too old to save. My retirement benefits from the Social Security System and from my company just don't go far enough. Medical bills and long term care expenses really worry me. I am such a burden to my kids. I wish I have save when I should have. Now it's too late...I CAN'T REALLY SAVE NOW.

The End of It All

Everything that we do now will dictate what future is waiting for us. And that far future is RETIREMENT. 

What kind of retirement are we dreaming of?

We all want a comfortable retirement. We want to enjoy life as much as we can in the last days of our life here in this world. To treasure every moment, with our love ones.

Are we saving money now to have a comfortable retirement in the future?

Or are we heading to a difficult and scary last chapter of our lives?