Standard Death Claims Requirements on a Life Insurance Policy In The Philippines
In this post, I am sharing you the standard death claims requirements on a life insurance policy.

This list is only the "standard" requirements. The requirements may change depending on the life insurance company to which you will process the claim.

It is better to talk to your trusted financial advisor, to be sure.

Standard Death Claims Requirements

  • Claimant Statement
  • Death Certificate
  • Attending Physician Statement
  • Policy Contract 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Contract
  • Medico-legal Report, if there is any
  • Two (2) valid identification cards (ID) of Insured
  • Two (2) valid identification cards (ID) of Beneficiary/ies

Claimant Statement

This must be accomplished and signed by the Beneficiary of legal age. In case where the Beneficiary is minor or below eighteen (18) years of age, or if mentally incapacitated, he or she may be represented and signed for by the parents or the designated guardian or trustee.

Death Certificate

The death certificate must be of original or certified true copy bearing the signature and seal of the Civil Registrar office.

Attending Physician Statement

This must be accomplished and signed by the physician or doctor who attended to the death of the Insured.

Policy Contract

This is the life insurance policy or contract. If the contract is lost or destroyed, the insurance company may require you to submit an affidavit of loss or any  agreement pertaining to the loss or destruction of the contract.

Birth Certificate

Original or certified true copy or birth certificate of both the Insured and the Beneficiary/ies.

Marriage Contract

Original or certified true copy of marriage contract if the claimant or Beneficiary is the spouse.

Medico-legal Report

Original or certified true copy of medico-legal report if there is any. Most often, insurance companies require this document to be submitted if the Insured is declared as dead-on-arrival at any medical institution.

Two Valid IDs

Photocopies of two (2) valid identification cards (ID) for both the Insured and the Beneficiary/ies. The Beneficiary/ies shall put three (3) specimen signatures to the photocopy of ID.

Inquire With Your Insurance Agent/Provider

It is best that you ask directly from your insurance provider regarding the list of requirements you need to process the claim.

Other insurance companies may require more documents to be submitted, others may require less.

The list that I provided above is likely included to the requirements across all insurance companies in the Philippines.