Time management is crucial. 

We can always make more talks, walks, money, and other things but not time.

We only have limited time and with all our busy schedules and priorities, sometimes we felt that time is always the problem. But even though we cannot make more time, we can manage it otherwise.

That is why time management is very crucial and always needs to be of importance.

100 Time Management Mindsets For Stress-Free Productivity

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In this post, I laid down 100 time management mindsets for stress-free productivity for time managers and ordinary people wherever you may be in terms of being productive. This post is a product of my research on the best ways to manage time.

I hope this list will help you somehow.

100 Time Management Mindsets For Stress-Free Productivity 

1. Time is gold, value your time.

2. Manage your time properly.

3. You have to measure your time.

4. All your time should be managed, don't leave a single hour.

5. You have to have more control over your working time.

6. Work at your most comfortable pattern.

7. Be on top of your tasks.

8. Be able to balance your tasks.

9. If it's possible, work at even pace.

10. Plan your tasks ahead.

11. Eliminate unnecessary demands on your time.

12. Don't work more than you need.

13. Always take advantage of time, use your spare time wisely.

14. Use your time to get results and not just fulfill responsibilities.

15. Achieve to do something productive and enjoyable each day.

16. Always ask what you can do with your time that will make you more productive.

17. Identify the things that are eating your time and eliminate them.

18. Life is an interval of time, have a purpose to your life and time.

19. Always aim to be effective.

20. Always aim to be efficient.

21. Do not try to overwork, it will just get you sick.

22. Do not do similar tasks every day in your life, add varieties from time to time.

23. Dedicate a quarter of your day on routine tasks.

24. Try to accomplish routine tasks with minimal time possible.

25. Develop a sense of time awareness.

26. Try different ways of doing routine tasks.

27. Always try not to rush your tasks.

28. If shortcuts are applicable to your tasks, do it.

29. Prepare everything that you need before you start work.

30. Don't leave your work desk unorganized.

31. Always think of better ways to get things done.

32. If it is possible to automate a task then, by all means, automate it!

33. Bottle-necks are going to ruin a task, identify and eliminate them.

34. Try to create workflows for your tasks.

35. Always use your calendar.

36. Group your similar tasks together.

37. If you know the fastest way to get things done, share it with your team.

38. Be sure to know which jobs cannot be done through shortcuts.

39. Try not to be irregular in terms of time schedules for your tasks.

40. Spare some time for checking your team's progress.

41. Cut off paperwork as much as possible.

42. Have an organized filing system.

43. If you are using MS Office rather than Google Suite, always secure your file by saving it from time to time.

44. Remove and throw unnecessary files.

45. Keep your work desk neat.

46. Handle every piece of paper just once.

47. Eliminate junk mail and spam.

48. Phone rather than write.

49. Don't photocopy anything unless it is essential.

50. Send replies on the same email thread.

51. Always keep your communications short and direct to the point.

52. Be sure to have a plan for your projects.

53. Make a detailed time table for your projects.

54. Give a time allowance for possible delays in your projects.

55. Make a detailed list of every task required in the project.

56. Deadline is a must.

57. Always have a back-up plan for your projects.

58. Streamline tasks that are of low priority.

59. Always be on top of the progress of your projects.

60. Anticipate and mitigate any problem that may arise in your projects.

61. Delegate every task as much as possible.

62. Identify your goal before starting the work.

63. Your goals should be aligned with your values.

64. Always be certain for your self that once you start the work, you will finish it.

65. Write down each and every goal you have.

66. Before working, identify what result you want to get.

67. Always set your goals SMART.

68. If you cannot do a certain task or you hate it, by all means, delegate that task.

69. Breaking down big tasks to smaller chunks is a big help.

70. Prioritize your priorities.

71. Avoid being overwhelmed by so many tasks, do it one at a time.

72. Skipped independent tasks that you are having trouble and get back to them when you finish the others.

73. Do not procrastinate!

74. Leave a portion of your time to do the things that might come up for the day.

75. If you are using a journal, write first the big tasks down to smaller ones.

76. Do not forget to celebrate every task accomplishment.

77. Allot time for no work time.

78. Take time to reflect and relax.

79. Health is everything, if you want more time, take care of your health.

80. Share your time with your loved ones. 

81. Find time to appreciate things.

82. Rest to have the energy for tomorrow. 

83. Occasionally if you feel like it, do what you want to do.

84. Do not deprive yourself form taking a break.

85. Make it a point to review the things that you accomplished every week.

86. Spend time with your friends.

87. Do not be late at meetings, always show up in time.

88. Do not waste the time of other people.

89. Only call a meeting to defined a clear purpose.

90. Always let people know if you are free or not.

91. Eliminate unnecessary interruptions to your work.

92. It is okay to say NO to work that is not yours.

93. Avoid the things that will mostly kill your time.

94. Have control in using social media.

95. You do not need to answer every phone call (in your smartphone), be sure to answer those that are important.

96. If you can, make a time policy for yourself or for your team.

97. Always know what time is it.

98. Know when is the time of the day you are most productive and identify how can you do the same for the rest of the day.

99. Be aware of yourself, check if you are overworking or underworking.

100. Most of all, enjoy your time and your life!