While scrolling on my Facebook timeline I stumbled upon this Pru Life UK claim story. It was posted at PRU LIFE UK Philippines facebook page.

The story caught my attention and I thought it would be great if I share it here on my website. This story is not mine. All credits go to the original source.

Pru Life UK Claim Story

Critical Illness and Critical Illness Waiver: “CLAIM APPROVED”
Benefits Breakdown:
1. P1,000,000.00 Critical Illness Claim
2. Monthly Premiums Waived (15 Years)
This is a story of my agent’s client who purchased his policy, 1 year and 8 months ago. He purchased a 15 years to save Variable Unit Link Plan. A plan with Insurance to safeguard the client from uncertainties such as Death, Accident, and Disability; Linked with an investment component which appreciates in the long run that he could enjoy. 
Unfortunately, life is always filled with the unexpected. Suddenly he was diagnosed with Malignant Thyroid Cancer. No one could have predicted it since he appears to be young and healthy, 35 yrs old to be exact. Upon diagnosis, we immediately processed his claim, and God indeed moves in His ways, for his claim has been approved as soon as possible.
He already received his “1 Million peso cheque” for his critical illness benefit, plus since the policy has a waiver, he is no longer obliged to pay for 13 years and 4 months more, meaning Pru Life UK will be the one to shoulder his premiums and his invesment is still growing! Lastly the plan is also designed with an additional death benefit worth of P1,000,000.00 that he can use for succession planning without him paying for it. I’m still at awe how life insurance works yet I’m just so happy to hear that he is now on his road to recovery, and life will continue for him.
This claim is indeed an eye opener to me, to my clients, to my agents and hopefullly to all those who are reading this that “Insurance is indeed a must have asset” because no one knows when uncertainty may strike.
Always remember whenever a person will tell us life insurance agents: “It’s not my priority or I don’t need it!” We will always respond by saying: “Perfect timing! Why? Because the moment you will need it, you can no longer have it.
While your still young, healthy and earning, start protecting yourself and the people you love because financial security will not happen without you signing with your pen!
And to the people who are still doubting whether do we deliver? The answer is YES!
Here are my list of claims we I started servicing clients:

✔️2015- My Father’s Death Claim-

P4-5 Million

✔️2016- My 55 Year Old Client, Mild Stroke Claim- P1 Million
✔️2018- My Friend, 35 Year Old, Death Claim- P1 Million
✔️2019- My Agent’s Client: Malignant Thyroid Cancer Claim- P1 Million, with premium waivement until 15 years.

Don’t hesitate!; because us, we don’t!
With Client’s approval to post...
Servicing Agent: Mr. Darron Velasquez
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Pru Life UK VUL Insurance Claim Story / Review

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