Pru Life UK on Corona Virus / COVID-19

The whole island of Luzon in now on quarantine due to the rising number of people infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). With the current situation, many are worried about contacting the coronavirus and the corresponding medical expenses that the disease will cause. In line with this, Pru Life UK decided to give additional benefit to their clients who will require hospitalization due to the disease.

Additional 1,000 Pesos in Daily Hospital Income

Pru Life UK will give an additional one thousand pesos (1,000 PHP) in Daily Hospital Income (DHI)of those clients whose DHI rider is in force on or before January 31, 2020. Here is the statement of Pru Life UK from its website;

All customers of Pru Life UK whose life insurance policy is in force with the Hospital Income Rider, issued on or before January 31, 2020, may claim an additional hospital income benefit of P1,000 daily if they are hospitalized due to the novel coronavirus. The additional hospital benefit may be claimed if the policyholder is admitted into hospital for at least 12 hours, with a cap of 10 days, beginning February 20 to April 20, 2020. 
“We value everyone’s health and want to make sure our clients have additional protection during health emergencies such as the novel coronavirus outbreak. We can assure them that we will have them covered against emerging infectious diseases,” shared Pru Life UK President and CEO Antonio De Rosas.
This additional benefit being offered by Pru Life UK will help its clients to be more secured in case of uncertainties that the corona virus may bring.

See the complete terms and conditions of this additional benefit here.

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