When you finally decide to apply for your insurance plan in Pru Life UK, you will encounter many terminologies pertaining to the different benefits that you may include in your policy. Some of these benefits are optional, you may or may not want to have it in your plan. These optional benefits are called Riders.
Pru Life UK: Hospital Income Rider - Daily Hospital Income (DHI)

One of Pru Life UK's Riders is called the Hospital Income Rider. Hospital Income Rider simply means that in the event of hospitalization, Pru Life UK will pay you a sum amount of money depending on the benefits of your choice. There are many other riders inside the Hospital Income Rider but in this post, we will talk about the Daily Hospital Income Benefit or DHI.

What is Daily Hospital Income (DHI) Benefit?

Daily Hospital Income Benefit is a type of Hospital Income Rider. If you were hospitalized due to illness or injury, Pru Life UK will pay you the amount indicated in your policy contract for every single day of your hospital confinement. This benefit is up to three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of continuous confinement for the same illness or injury. The Daily Hospital Income Benefit is available for you until the policy anniversary following your sixty-fifth (65th) birthday.

Claim for Daily Hospital Income Rider

If you are going to claim for DHI benefit, the following documents shall be submitted to Pru Life UK within ninety (90) days after the date of your discharge from hospital confinement. You can submit it thru your trusted Pru Life UK advisor or you can have your representative submit it to any Pru Life UK office.
  • Claimant's Statement or Letter
  • Attending Physician's Statement
  • Admission and Discharge Clinical Abstract Summary
  • Certified Hospitalization Statement of Account
Failing to submit all of the necessary documents within the ninety days period does not automatically invalidate you from claiming the benefit. You just need to explain and prove to Pru Life UK that you have valid reasons for the delay.

Hospital Confinement That Are Excluded 

Not all hospital confinement is subject to DHI claim. The general rule is that, if the hospital confinement is not duly recommended by a physician then the claim will be invalidated. Confinement due to the following is not also covered.
  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Pregnancy
  • Congenital Diseases
All other specific exclusions may be found on your insurance policy contract. Please refer to your Policy Contract or talk to your trusted Pru Life UK Advisor. 

[DISCLAIMER]: All information in this article is based on the knowledge of a Certified Pru Life UK Advisor, however, the information herein IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE to the terms and conditions stated in your policy. Please refer to your actual Policy Contract. THIS ARTICLE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.