Millionaire Booklet Summary: 8 Steps To Become A Millionaire

How to be a Millionaire? This is a question that cannot be simply answered right away. Even the school system does not teach about it. And worst, the society does not have a good impression on the matter of getting a lot of money and becoming rich. In the book “How To Get Super Rich” by Grant Cardone, he enumerated 8 steps you should follow to become a millionaire.

Grant Cardone himself once dream of becoming a millionaire when he was 16. 14 years later at the age of 30, he got his first 1 million dollars doing real estate and selling cars. In 2020, it is estimated that Grant Cardone has reached a net worth of 300 million US dollars.

8 Steps To Become A Millionaire: Millionaire Booklet Summary

1. Making The Millionaire Decision
2. Understanding The Millionaire Math
3. Increase Your Income
4. Who’s Got My Money
5. Stay Broke
6. Save To Invest
7. Multiple Flows of Income
8. Repeat, Reinforce and Hyper-focus


Whatever it is that you want to do, you need first to decide that you will do the necessary things to achieve it. If you want to become rich then you have to commit to your goals. As for Cardone, this is the first step that you need to take to become a millionaire. To decide that you will become a millionaire.

To be a millionaire is the goal. That is the target. And this is very important because without knowing exactly what the target is, it's impossible to hit anything. Therefore, goal setting is very critical.

When deciding to be a millionaire, one needs to get rid of the ideas that are fed by the society. That money is bad. That dreaming of becoming rich is selfish. That you don't need a lot of money. That selling is a bad thing. That the rich are just robbing from people to get more money. These are money beliefs that are holding us back from achieving our financial goals.

Cardone thinks that wanting to have just enough money and not more is ridiculous. It in fact ruins self-esteem, because that thinking prevents people from reaching their full potential. The problem also with just wanting to survive with just enough money is the manifestation of selfishness. Because you cannot extend help to others and share your blessings if you have just enough for yourself.


There are so many ways you can achieve your financial goals. But the thing is you need to calculate well how you can do it. Let’s say you want to achieve a million dollar in your bank account. If your yearly net income is 50,000 dollars, then you need 20 years of hard work to have a million dollar. If your yearly net income is 100,000 dollars, then you need 10 years. If for 250,000 yearly net income, it will take only 4 years. That’s how long it takes for you to achieve 1 million dollar at every income level.

Therefore, income level is very important to hit your target the soonest. The higher your income is, the faster you will achieve your targets.

If you have a product that you are selling and have a net return (less cost/expense), of 100 dollars per piece, you need to sell 10,000 units to reach 1 million dollar net income. If you have a 500 dollars net return per product, you only need to sell 2,000 units. If you have a 1,000 dollars net return per product then you only need to sell 1,000 units to earn 1 million dollar. And the math goes on like that.

Whatever it is that you will offer to the marketplace whether it be products or services, you need to calculate how many units or subscriptions you will need to sell to achieve your target return. And that is the millionaire math.


Saving money is the fundamental principle in achieving wealth. But saving alone cannot achieve greater feats. What you save is only a portion of your income. Therefore, to save more money, you will need to increase your income.

You cannot get that momentum if you're stuck with your current level of income. You need to put effort every single month to increase your income. And by doing so, you will acquire and learn so many skills that will boost your confidence and will open the window for more opportunities for you.

At first the increase brought about by your efforts will do steady growth, but it will likely to leap higher as you put continuous work to it. As what Grant Cardone shares, his income grows exponentially. He is earning 100,000 dollars per year. Then he earns 100,000 dollars per month. 100,000 dollars a day. 100,000 dollars per hour.

You need to increase your sales activities if you want to achieve these results. Because income can always be traced back from your sales. The more sales you have the more income you will get. You need to find other ways to monetize your business. For example, if you are a fitness instructor, you can increase your income by selling supplements to people. Launching a Youtube channel will be a good idea also to market your products. Doing this does not push you away from your original source of income. It compliments each other, and by that adding an amount to your income.

As stated, your other sources of income must compliment with your original source of income. Because if not, as Cardone warns, it will just do more harm than good. If you will divulge into unrelated new business ideas, it will only disrupt your original existing source of income. You will lose focus. The target is to increase your income. Not scatter your source of income to unrelated business ideas.


You need to follow where the money is. And you cannot do so if you don’t know who’s got the money in the first place.

Grant Cardone said that a lot of people enter into business without asking the question “who’s got the money?”. He said that your target amount of money is already there. You just need to pinpoint people who got it and then target those people who will be the source of your money. This is called a ‘niche” market. A niche is the targeted group of people who will most likely buy from you, people who have the need and ability to pay for your products. That’s where your money is.

Be kind to all people but as for business, you need to focus your attention to your niche. Spend all your time connecting to people around your niche and nurturing relationships with them. In turn they will most likely give their money for your products.

Your sales will skyrocket if you will just target the right people, your niche.


What will you do with your money if you already achieve your target income growth? A new car? Nice house? Or an extravagant vacation with your family? It is very tempting to spend your money especially if your income is growing. It is not bad at all, but not controlling yourself in terms of money will prevent you from achieving more wealth.

Staying broke as your income grows will most likely give you the chance to wake up one day in the morning having so much money that you could not consume at all. That is the life that Cardone lives. Being industrious in his strong days so that at the end of it all, by the time he will wish to enjoy his wealth he can do so without any worries. As what he is referring to when he said "Pay the price today so you can pay the price tomorrow"


One of the differences between the middle class and the rich is that the middle class save money for rainy days and emergency funds, while the rich save money to invest.

As for Grant Cardone, the only reason one should save money is for it to be invested and multiplied. But you can only do so if your source of income is already growing. Because investing is also a risk and you need to have a dependable income to back it up in addition to acquiring skills and knowledge in investing.

If you will start to invest without securing that your income is dependable and consistent, it can cause you a lot of problems. Investments have a cycle, sometimes things are working well sometimes they are not. If you do not have a steady income to back it up, you might end up selling your assets in times of recession and bad times.


Reaching financial wealth requires multiple flows of income. It is the reason why you should invest, to make a lot of streams of income flowing to your bank account. And by having multiple sources of income, you will have financial security and stability because you are ot dependent on a single source of income.

But be careful in multiplying your sources of income. Most people fall into a mistake of starting a new income stream that is not related to the existing source of income, which will divide focus and resources. It is recommended that when you add another source of income make sure that it is parallel or supportive to your current or original source of income. Another mistake that you need to avoid is stopping your original source of income for other business ideas. You should increase your income and not stop them. Even the return is small, so long as it is related and parallel to your overall business model, do not leave it, instead find ways to earn more from it.


The last step is Repeat, Reinforce and Hyperfocus. Once you are done with the previous steps, you will just need to master it. The more you apply all those steps, the more in will be reinforced in your thoughts and in your actions. And to achieve all of this, you will need to have a focus, because hitting a goal needs careful attention.

Be also prepared that while you are doing all of these, most of your circle of friends will likely shy away from you. They will find you strange, overworked, and don’t have time bonding with them. And that is normal, when you are doing something great people get irritated. Focus on your goals and prove everyone that your sacrifices today will be a big prize tomorrow.