Hi! My name is Chris Bermido and this is my website.

I worked as a Licensed Life Insurance Advisor and currently working as a Financial Planning and Analysis Associate in one of the finance companies here in the Philippines.

I made this website to share my knowledge about life insurance and the things I learned and still learning about personal finance and business.

Why Do You Need To Protect Your Income?

Because someone is dependent on you and your income. Maybe your wife, your kids, your parents, siblings, YOUR FAMILY. If your income stops, the support that they are receiving out of that income will also stop.

And often it can be very devastating.

Too many stories of family struggles have been told due to the death of a family's breadwinner. And one of those stories is mine.

My father died without life insurance. And that is the hardest part of our lives. Especially to my mother who did everything she can to raise us all four kids.

But this is not about me now. It's about YOU. You and your family should not suffer all those things and the like. You can always prepare for it.

This is why life insurance is important.

Why Does Personal Finance Not Being Taught In Our School?

I never thought about this question until I graduated, started working and struggle with my finances very often. I felt like I prepared so much to acquire the skills and knowledge I need to get a job, but I failed to prepare to face life in a financial sense.

After all, working for a job is just a way to financial gain, meaning to earn money for a living. I realized that I know how to work but I don't know enough how to manage the fruit of my labor. This fact brings me a lot of financial troubles.

I do not blame the schools for it. I believe that it's my own responsibility to be wise in spending my money. I just wish I learned and prepared for it early on.

I want to learn more about personal finance development, and I hope that this site will help me somehow.

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Thank you for visiting my website,

May our dreams come true!

Chris Bermido
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